Nominate a peer for the Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal

Does someone you work with have more than 20 years of exemplary service with EMS in Canada?

Examples of exemplary service include:

  • A reputation of excellence
  • Being a high quality mentor, preceptor & role model
  • Consistent conduct & service worthy of the award
  • Special projects & committee work
  • Union/Association/College of Paramedics service
  • Advancement of the EMS profession
  • Community & volunteer service

Does any of this sound like somebody you know?  You can help make sure deserving practitioners are recognized with this prestigious medal.  Will you take the time to prepare a nomination that reflects the quality of their service?

If you have someone in mind, you can check to see if they have already received the medal by searching here:

Or; you can ask them!  And let them know you would like to submit a nomination on their behalf.  You will need to gather information from them about their career and the experiences they have had.  This is not a long service medal; it is meant to recognize exemplary service.  A little effort, conversation and coordination are all it takes to prepare a successful nomination!

Download the Exemplary Service Medal Guidelines here.
Download the Exemplary Service Medal Nomination Form here.

To learn more about the Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal, visit the Governor General of Canada’s website at