New EMR Clinical Exam March 2017

Written and Clinical

Beginning March 2017 the EMR written exam is expanding to 200 multiple choice questions. Candidates will have three and a half hours to complete all of the questions.

The practical component of our exam will also be changing.  Starting in March we will be implementing the new EMR clinical exam as well.

The clinical exam is made up of two components:

  1. an assessment similar to our current model
  2. and second is a clinical skills evaluation.

For the skills evaluation every candidate will be required to:

  • describe and physically demonstrate CPR and AED use, using proper sequence and technique on high fidelity simulation CPR mannequins, as well as hand positioning
  • describe and physically demonstrate proper spinal motion restriction using a backboard and associated equipment
  • and describe and physically demonstrate a third competency which will be chosen from a list of skill stations posted on our website under exams.

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If you have any questions regarding the new EMR exam, please email

About the Provincial Registration Exam

The Alberta College of Paramedics operates the Provincial Registration Examination to assess graduates of College-approved paramedicine educational programs (or those candidates deemed substantially equivalent) who seek registration as an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) or Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP).

Candidates are evaluated based on their application of knowledge, skills, and judgment. Testing includes both written (multiple choice) and practical components.

Important: You must successfully complete the Provincial Registration Examination before you are eligible to apply to be a registered practitioner within Alberta.

Once you successfully complete the EMR exam, it is your responsibility to apply for new registration. Do this by submitting a complete and valid application (including payment and all supporting documentation) within one year of the date that you completed your approved educational program. To practice in Alberta, you must be registered with the College.

National Occupational Competency Profiles

All Provincial Registration Examinations are based on the National Occupational Competency Profiles (EMR, ACP, PCP).