If you are a paramedicine practitioner in another country, or are educated in a related profession and would like to practice paramedicine in Alberta, under the Health Disciplines Act of Alberta, you must participate in an equivalency review with the Alberta College of Paramedics.


  1. All persons educated in another health discipline MUST participate in an equivalency review. Only approved candidates may move on to write the Provincial Registration Examination.

Planning to apply for an equivalency review?

The equivalency process has a number of steps. For a complete breakdown of the entire process, see the process flow chart.

All applicants must begin by completing the College's Application Form (fees are outlined on the form) and send it to us with your payment information. Your application form should include the following documentation:

  1. A detailed course outline of your education program. Ensure the outline includes for each program component (didactic, clinical and ambulance):
    • time lines and total number of hours/weeks
    • method of delivery (eg. lectures, home study, lab)
    • bibliography of texts and resource material used
    • method of evaluation
    • minimum requirements for instructors/preceptors
    • practicum (location, evaluation and time)
  2. Documentation confirming that you have completed any additional education or training in the form of:
    • either original certificate/transcript (or a certified true copy), or official confirmation of current attendance for your education program.
    • copies of certificates for any additional training or instruction. (i.e. CPR, ACLS, ITLS, driver training)
  3. A cross reference document for the competency profile level you are applying for.
    • First, review the full Alberta Occupational Competency Profile (AOCP), including sub-competencies, for your level of practice.
      1. EMT Competency Profile
      2. EMT-P Competency Profile
    • Next, complete the cross reference document to clearly identify (using examples where appropriate) your level of competency. In the 'notes' section, indicate your level of competency to both the category and sub elements within the category as listed in the competency profiles.
      1. EMT Cross Reference Document
      2. EMT-P Cross Reference Document
    • Be as thorough as possible as this document is a significant factor in determining equivalency.
  4. A detailed resume.
  5. A criminal background check current within six (6) months.
  6. Two (2) professional references.

Pre-screen review

  • Once the College has received the above documentation, they will conduct a preliminary 'pre-screen' review.
  • If it is determined that your application meets the standards for a full equivalency review, you will be notified by the College. Applicants educated outside Canada must at this point visit the Government of Alberta's Employment and Immigration website and apply for an International Qualifications Assessment (IQAS) to have your credentials validated. You will need to provide this completed assessment to the College as soon as you receive it.
  • If it is determined after the pre-screen review that your qualifications do not meet the College's criteria, you will be notified and refunded $500. A $100 fee will be retained to cover the pre-screen process.

What happens next?

  • Complete equivalency applications are reviewed by the College's Registration Committee and can take up to four to six months to process.
  • If your application is approved, you will be notified by the College and can apply for Temporary Registration at that time and register to write the Provincial Registration Examination.

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