Practitioners who are on an employer-approved Leave of Absence have reduced Professional Development credit requirements.

The requirements are:

  • Five credits for each month that the practitioner is on leave will be deducted from what is required of an active practitioner (120 credits).
  • Completion of any required competency modules is expected of all practitioners who wish to renew their registration, regardless of being on Leave of Absence.
    Example: A practitioner is on maternity/paternity leave for 10 months, so a total of 50 credits is subtracted from the original requirement of 120 credits. In other words, the practitioner would be required to earn 70 credits, including those obtained by completing the required learning activity.

If you meet the criteria, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Inform the College by email of the start and end dates of the Leave of Absence.
  2. The College may request a confirmation of the Leave of Absence from the practitioner.

Note: Unemployment is NOT considered approved Leave of Absence. Regardless of employment status registered practitioners are still required to complete their Professional Development credits.