Registration Categories under the HPA are:

• General Register
• Provisional Register
• Courtesy Register

General Register

The general register is the main category into which most practitioners will be registered. To be eligible for this register, potential registrants will successfully complete an approved program of study and pass both the Provincial Registration Examination and the Jurisprudence exam.

Provisional Register

This register may be suitable for a practitioner who practiced in another jurisdiction, does not meet the requirements for general register, is awaiting completion of the provincial exam and/or must complete assigned upgrading for a specified time.

The Paramedics Profession Regulation (PPR) defines how a practitioner on the provisional register will be supervised by other regulated members.

Courtesy Register

The courtesy register is for a practitioner who is from another jurisdiction, has equivalent qualifications and seeks registration for a temporary amount of time. A practitioner may remain on the courtesy register for three months and may be extended for an additional three months if approved by the Registrar.