Registration Messaging for HPA

Paper applications for Provisional and General EMR, Register Change Request, Reinstatement and Labour Mobility are available on the College website. Under PRACTITIONERS select REGISTRATION and then access the relevant page. The 2017 Renewal application will be available in your portal on November 1.

Your scope of practice has not changed from yesterday (under HDA) to today (under HPA).  We have been afforded some time to transition to the new legislation. This means we require every practitioner to continue practicing the profession as they did yesterday.

Over the next year, changes in practice will be implemented. The new regulation identifies the restricted activities, practice permits, Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice and Practice Statements as documents that will help to further define what the new legislation means for you as the practitioner and your practice.

Over the next five years, we will continue to work to improve the education which enables the increase in scope of practice.

Medical oversight and audit will not change with the new legislation. What does change is the definition of medical oversight as the language changes to quality assurance and improvement system. We are working to define and identify what this means for practitioners. As we transition and work toward defining this, practitioners are expected to continue working under medical direction.

All practitioners who are currently registered with the College have been transferred to the General Register Category. This registration includes a practice permit which enables you to practice the profession.

A practice permit allows you to practice within the paramedic profession in Alberta. This permit will include conditions under which you are to practice the profession. You are required to renew this permit annually.

For the renewal of the practice permit, you are not required to complete ACLS or CPR as those requirements become part of your continuing competence. You will be required to provide information about your professional liability insurance provider, including your policy number.

Professional liability insurance is required by all paramedic practitioners under the HPA. Full details of that requirement are available on the Registration page and one insurance provider is Marsh Insurance.

Restrictions are being evaluated to determine where they fit within the conditions of a practice permit. This will define the renewal of the practice permit.

For the restriction of ‘no patient contact’, you will be a registered practitioner with an inactive practice permit. In order to transition from inactive to active, there is a reinstatement process to ensure practitioners are able to provide the best possible care to Albertans.