Paramedicine Education in Alberta

The Alberta College of Paramedics does not deliver paramedicine education programs. As the regulatory body for the profession in Alberta, the College sets the standards for program approval.

The Government of Alberta requires educational programs to be licensed with designation status when the program meets specific baselines for program length and tuition cost. If you would like to embark on an exciting career in paramedicine, start by enrolling in and graduating from an approved education program.

Approved Programs

Paramedicine education programs in Alberta must meet standards set by the Alberta College of Paramedics as approved. Only graduates from approved programs are eligible to write the Provincial Registration Exam and carry on to apply for registration with the College.

When deciding upon an educational institution, we recommended that you consider the following:

  • Where is the educational institution located?
  • What is the paramedicine level of the instructors? Do they have formal teaching qualifications?
  • Is the program offered full-time or part time? What best suits my needs?
  • Is the educational institution a public college or a private company?
  • What support can the educational institution offer me? For example, academic assessment or extra support.