Apply for Registration

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The College is transitioning how it offers registration with the College.

If you are new to practice or are changing your practice level, please complete the Provisional Registration Application. Once you have gained provisional registration, you will then take the Provincial Registration Exam for your level of practice. (Effective January 1, 2018 you will not be able to register for the exam until you are on the provisional register.)

While we transition, we realize there will be some in various stages of the previous process. If you have already begun the process of becoming registered with the College, please identify the appropriate next step based on the following three scenarios:

  1. If you do not hold a provisional registration and have not completed the College exams yet, you must complete the Provisional Registration Application.
  2. If you have successfully completed the EMR examination and do not yet have registration, you need to complete the General Registration Application.
  3. If you already hold provisional registration, but have not completed the College exams, your registration will be automatically changed to the general register once you successfully complete the exam. There is no need to do anything further with your registration.

NOTE: While applications can be scanned or faxed to the College, original transcripts must be mailed or brought into the College office. See application for details regarding transcript submission

If you have graduated from an approved program within the last year but not taken the College exams, you can apply for provisional registration. All new practitioners and those wishing to change their practice level must first apply to the provisional register with the College. This registration gives you access the College exams, and permits you to practice under supervision until you successfully pass the College exams and move to the general register.

All practitioners must first be registered at the provisional level before they are permitted to take the College exams. If you are moving from EMR to PCP or ACP, you will need to take the College exam at your new level, making the provisional status required.

This provisional status also permits you to practice at your new level (with supervision) while you are in the exam process.

Provisional practitioners may only provide health services at their practice level and only if they are under the supervision of a registered practitioner who meets all the following criteria:

  1. Currently holds general registration (not provisional or restricted registration) with the Alberta College of Paramedics at the same or a higher discipline level as the provisional practitioner OR is a regulated member in good standing with another regulated health profession in Alberta
  2. Is approved by the employer to provide direct supervision
  3. Is able to directly supervise the practice and be able to immediately and physically intervene with no delay in patient care

Note: Supervising members must be authorized in any restricted activity they are required to supervise as designated in the College’s Supervised Practice Policy.

You are eligible to apply for General Register registration if you have graduated from an approved education program and have passed the College exams within one year of your graduation date.

If you currently hold a provisional registration and are in the process of taking the College exams, you will automatically be changed to the general register upon successful completion of the exams. There is no need to apply to the General Register.