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There are a number of ways to practitioners are recognized in Alberta.

Award of Excellence

Annually, the Award of Excellence recognizes the contributions of a registered practitioner of the Alberta College of Paramedics. The award is administered each year by a selection committee, comprised of the Council President or Vice President and three registered practitioners and presented each year at the Annual General Meeting. To apply:

Nominees must be in good standing with the College and have a minimum of one year of experience in the profession. The deadline for the 2017 nominations is February 15, 2018.

Jim Olson Memorial Award

The Jim Olson Memorial Award was created in memory of Jim Olson, a paramedic and long-standing, valued member of the College’s Examination Administration Committee. Jim passed away suddenly in 1998 and the Jim Olson Memorial Award was created to honour his devotion to the College and the examination process. To apply:

Each year the College presents the Jim Olson Memorial Award to the paramedic candidate who achieved the highest overall score on the Advanced Care Paramedics exam. There is no application process for this award.

EMR and PCP Exam Achievement Awards

Each year the College presents the EMR and PCP Exam Achievement Awards to the EMR and PCP candidates who achieved the highest overall score on the College’s exams. There is no application process for these awards.

Regulatory Committee Service Awards

The Regulatory Committee Service Award is given to those who have served two terms since 2007 on a regulatory committee.

The Alberta Emergency Services Medal was initiated by the Alberta Government to recognize emergency medical services personnel who have committed 12 or more years to EMS in Alberta.


Alberta Emergency Services Medal

To be eligible for the Alberta Emergency Services Medal, practitioners must have been serving on or after January 1, 2000, in a sector of the Alberta emergency management system. Personnel must have undertaken all required phases of training and duty prescribed by their respective municipalities and ministries, and must be certified by their administrative authority as efficient and in every way deserving of the award. To apply:

Visit Alberta Emergency Services Medal on the Government of Alberta’s website to download the Alberta Emergency Services Medal Nomination Form.

Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal

The Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal was created by the Governor General of Canada in 1994 to recognize professionals in the provision of prehospital emergency medical services who have performed their duties in an exemplary manner, characterized by good conduct, industry, and efficiency.

The Medal may be awarded to any person who:

(a)    is an emergency medical services employee on or after October 31, 1991;

(b)    has completed at least 20 years of service in EMS, where at least 10 years of which have been served in the performance of duties involving potential risk, as determined by the Advisory Committee; and

(c)     has a record of high standard and exemplary service as to merit award of the Medal.

Nomination Process

Nominations received by the Alberta Awards Committee are forwarded to the Advisory Committee to review nominee eligibility, and if acceptable, submits nominations to the Chancellery, the branch of the Office of the Governor General responsible for the administration of honours. The Chancellery then submits the nominations to the Governor General for approval. The annual deadline for nominations is November 30th.

The Governor General of Canada website provides a listing of individuals who have received an Exemplary Service Medal. Use this website to confirm whether or not the individual you wish to nominate has received the Medal in the past.

To learn more about the Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal and to download the nomination form, visit the Governor General of Canada’s website at

Note: Nominees who are employed by one employer, and have many different tasks attached to their unique position (example: Fire and EMS) may not be eligible to receive a second Medal. For example, if the individual has received the Fire Exemplary Service Medal, he or she may not be eligible to receive the EMS Exemplary Service Medal.