Please note, content on this page of the website relates to complaints which were received prior to September 15, 2016 and governed under the Health Disciplines Act (HDA).

Section 54 of the Health Disciplines Act (HDA) provides direction to the employer on reporting.


Section 54 of the HDA states that, “if the employment of a registered member is terminated because of conduct that is, in the opinion of the former employer or that is alleged by the former employer to be, professional misconduct, conduct that displays a lack of skill or judgment in the practice of a designated health discipline or conduct that indicates that the person is unfit to practice a designated health discipline, the former employer shall report the matter to the Registrar or the Director and provide a copy of the report to the registered member

This legislative authority allows the College to review the practice of registered practitioners and to take corrective action in the event it is determined they pose a significant risk to the public. For this reason, employers must report terminations.

Suspension or Discipline

While there is no legislative requirement to report suspensions or discipline surrounding professional misconduct to the College under the HDA, the employer may report these events as it is the responsibility of the College to ensure that the registered practitioner poses no significant risk to the public.

Filing a Complaint

When reporting a termination or a practice issue to the College, employers should use the online Complaint Report Form.  All other reporting does not require a Complaint Report Form.


Section 29(2) of the HDA states that, “in the absence of a complaint, if the registrar has evidence showing that the conduct, skill, judgement or fitness to practice of a registered practitioner poses a significant risk to the public, the registrar may, after consultation with the Director of the Health Disciplines Board, conduct or appoint a preliminary investigator to conduct a preliminary investigation regarding the registered member.

The registrar shall notify the registered practitioner and assign an investigator.