Please note, content on this page of the website relates to complaints which were received prior to September 15, 2016 and governed under the Health Disciplines Act (HDA).

As defined in Part 4 of the Health Disciplines Act (HDA). Section 28 of the HDA states that “a person may make a complaint to the registrar regarding a registered member”.

A complaint may be initiated and dealt with against a registered practitioner within a five-year period of the person’s registration being cancelled or suspended under that HDA.

The College requires that complaints are made in writing and signed by the complainant using the Complaint Report Form approved by the College.

When To File a Complaint

In the interest of resolving a complaint the College may provide resources for the complainant to review. In some cases, the complainant may choose to contact the registered practitioner directly or to discuss the concern with the employer.

Examples of unskilled practice and/or professional misconduct may involve instances of behaviour or errors that include but are not limited to:

• Assault
• Harassment
• Theft
• Practicing while impaired
• Practicing outside of the designated scope of practice
• Substance abuse
• Inappropriate use of confidential patient information
• Unethical behaviour that impacts the profession
• Falsifying or fraudulent documentation
• Failure to provide information to the College during an investigation under the HDA
• Inappropriate assessments and/or treatments respecting patient care

Anonymous Complaint

An anonymous complaint does not meet the requirements in the HDA for a complaint and will not be accepted.

The Investigated Member

Once a complaint meets the requirements under the HDA, is received by the College, the registered practitioner will receive:

• Confirmation that an investigation will be conducted
• The name of the preliminary investigator
• A copy of the signed complaint report form
• Information surrounding the right to be represented by legal counsel
• Direction to cooperate with the preliminary investigator

There are only a select few circumstances where the registrar will order an interim suspension pending the conclusion of the complaint proceedings. This is done when there is a perceived significant threat to the public.

If you have further questions or concerns about the College’s complaint process, please contact the Professional Conduct Department.