Section 57(1) of the HPA sets out a mandatory reporting duty or employers of HPA regulated members. That section states:

“57(1)  If, because of conduct that in the opinion of the employer is unprofessional conduct, the employment of a regulated member is terminated or suspended or the regulated member resigns, the employer must give notice of that conduct to the complaints director.”

There are two critical elements that trigger the mandatory reporting obligation for employers. First, the employee must be terminated or suspended by the employer or the employee must have resigned. Second, the termination, suspension or resignation must relate to conduct that the employer has reasonable grounds to believe is “unprofessional conduct”. If both of these conditions have been met then the employer must provide a section 57(1) written notice to the College.

When reporting a termination or a practice issue to the College, employers should use the online Employer Report Form.

CLICK HERE to download the Employer Unprofessional Conduct Reporting PDF.