Here are the Council Candidates

There are a total of four positions open on Council for the 2017 elections:

  • three positions are three-year terms, as they fill positions for Council members whose terms have ended
  • one position is a one-year term to fill a vacancy due to a Council member resignation
Christina Fobes Christina Fobes, ACP
Full biography available here.
“As a council member I want to ensure the progression of the profession through input and guidance from the
members. I think transparency is key to moving forward and engaging the membership. If elected, I would to
strive to repair the relationship with the college and the members, this will occur through transparency,
engagement, and a willingness to be accountable to those who elect us on council.”
Annabelle Helfrich Annabelle Stratton (previously Helfrich), PCP
Full biography available here.
“In being granted the permission to self-regulate the College has shown to its members that it is a trusted part
of the legislation surrounding our industry in the eyes of government. We are privileged to have been given
these freedoms and to be allowed to make the profession grow and continue to be at the forefront of
emergency medicine”
Tim Moen Tim Moen, ACP
Full biography available here.
“With the HPA recently enacted, we now have a crucial opportunity to determine how our profession will
evolve. I look forward to bringing my experience to the Council table to serve the profession, my fellow
practitioners and Albertans as we navigate uncharted territory over the next few years.
Medical Services is part of my DNA and, like all of you, I have a vested interest in ensuring that our
profession is properly self-regulated in a way that engages each practitioner and gives them a voice in a
transparent process that determines how our profession will evolve.”
Dusty Schlitter Dusty Schlitter, EMR
Full biography available here.
“I was honored when you elected me to Council and I would like to attempt a second term.  I know my way
around a boardroom and have a strong understanding of Governance, I specialize in Risk, Emergency and
Project Management fundamentals… 
I believe in team accomplishment and think it is imperative to gain a big
picture perspective and place yourself in the position of others when making decisions. It is necessary to have
clear goals and expectations and to be able to discuss them openly.”