We have tried to anticipate the questions about this year’s process, but if you do not find an answer to your specific question here, please email communications@collegeofparamedics.org. We will be happy to get back to you and to update the following.


The specific requirements of regulated members are explained in Bylaw 2.10 and Governance Policy 101. Generally, practitioners who are on the general register, in good standing and have not had disciplinary action taken in the last three years are eligible.

College President Pete Helfrich speaks to this in his President’s Message in the April issue of The Pulse.

Click here to read the message.

Absolutely. If you have any questions, please email president@collegeofparamedics.org. President Pete Helfrich would be happy to arrange to speak with you.

Discovery Process

The College’s discovery process is meant to give nominees an introduction to the governance structure, and the time and duties required of a Council member. At this stage, nominees are able to assess their own abilities to fully participate in service to the profession at the Council level.

Candidate’s bios and photos are shared with the membership at large through newsletter(s) and the College website. Individual candidates must behave in accordance with Alberta College of Paramedics’ Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Candidates must not enter workplaces to campaign unless they have received written authorization from the employer to do so. Candidates are not permitted to use the ACP logo while campaigning. Complaints of candidates who are in contravention to these points or who have behaved inappropriately during the campaign will be investigated by the Complaints Director.

Withdrawal of Candidacy

A candidate may withdraw from the campaign at any time by notifying the Governance and Nominations Committee in writing of their intention to withdraw. If a nominee withdraws, there won’t be any public record of the nomination. If a confirmed candidate withdraws, the information will be removed from the website. If a confirmed candidate withdraws within three weeks of the vote, it may not be possible to remove the name from the ballot. In this case, if the candidate is elected, the win shall be forfeited and the position will be given to the next Candidate with the most votes.

Electronic Voting

Yes, under College Bylaws: “Voting shall be by any means determined by the Council that maintains the security and confidentiality of the voting process, including mailed-in or electronic ballots.” An electronic vote means that no eligible voter will be unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged based on location or date.

To be eligible to vote, a voter’s name must appear on the Alberta College of Paramedic’s registration list and they must have a valid, current email address listed on their member profile as of August 4, 2017.

All eligible voters will be emailed instructions on how and when to vote. This email will come from Simply Voting, a company used by many other regulated colleges in the province.

Sharing an email address is not recommended for many College functions, but for voting this means that whoever has access to the email account will have access to your voting information. We highly recommend you sign up for an email account, such as Gmail, to ensure your confidential member information is never accessible by anyone but you.

All voting information is being handled confidentially by Simply Voting. Regulated members who wish to vote in the election are required to be accessible by an active email address. This would be no different if the College was conducting a paper ballot, as you would be required to have your current mailing address listed on your profile.

If you have not received information from Simply Voting by 2 p.m. on August 14, 2017, please email communications@collegeofparamedics.org. We will help sort it out for you.

Simply Voting will allow you to vote from multiple devices including tablets and smartphones. In the event that you are unable to access either of those, your local public library should have a computer you can access to log in and vote. You are also welcome to use the computer in the reception area of the College office.

In the event of a system wide technological malfunction the Governance and Nominations Committee reserves the right, under the guidance of Council, to provide alternate timelines and business rules concerning the voting procedure.

The HPA disallows this practice, but since eligible voters will be able to vote from virtually anywhere, proxy voting should no longer be necessary.

As the ballots shall be delivered electronically, they shall also be counted, tallied and results delivered electronically. As a third-party provider has been selected to count the ballots, the returning officer shall be an individual from that organization. As the ballots shall be delivered electronically, the electronic process will eliminate the occurrence of spoiled ballots.  As the ballots shall be delivered electronically, there shall be no ballots to be kept or destroyed (as would be the case with paper ballots).

As there are only four candidates, we will proceed with a preferential ballot election process in August 2017 to determine who fills the three, three-year positions and who fills the one, one-year position. In a preferential ballot, members will rank the candidates in their preferred order. The candidate with the least amount of first-preference votes will receive the one, one-year term. The remaining candidates will fill the three, three-year terms. This is the process recommended by Simply Voting, the third-party organization that will facilitate the vote for the College.

With electronic voting, results are delivered to the Executive Director/Council almost immediately. Council will ratify the results and notify all candidates before the results are made public. Results will be posted on the College website by end of day, September 1, 2017.