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The College Council is accountable for the overall governance of the Alberta College of Paramedics, which includes:

  • Setting the strategic direction for the College
  • Developing and approving policy
  • Ensuring the College meets all legislated and regulatory requirements
  • Approving the College’s annual operational budget (and members’ fees)
  • Ensuring the Registrar/Executive Director provides leadership and efficiently conducts College business

Council is made up of nine elected regulated members and three public members (who are appointed by government).

Meet Council

Peter Helfrich, ACP

Melissa Manion, ACP

Dusty Schlitter, EMR

Lance Sheppard, PCP

Jonathan Jaekel, ACP

Ian Burgess, PCP

Christina Fobes, ACP

Annabelle Stratton, PCP

Tim Moen, ACP

Dr. Harriet Johnston
Public Member

Lisa Jensen
Public Member

Lynda Cherry
Public Member