Exam Application and Process

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To apply to take the Provincial Registration Exam, you must first gain provisional registration with the College. For further information about the application process please review About Registration or contact registration@collegeofparamedics.org.

To take the exam you must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete your provisional registration.
  2. Determine your preferred dates to take the exam: Exam Schedule.
  3. Complete the application form in the member portal.
  4. Submit the application form including fees to the College.
    1. Current fee schedule can be found on the website here.
    2. An application is considered incomplete if documentation and/or fees are not submitted. Applications will not be processed until these are received.
  5. Ensure your application is submitted as early as possible as there is limited space at the exam.
    1. Applications will be processed until maximum capacity is reached or the posted deadline date.
    2. Applications submitted after the application deadline will be deferred to the next available exam.
  6. After being approved for the exam, you will receive a confirmation email. (Check your junk mail for the confirmation email.)
  7. Applications are processed within 10 days. If you have not received an email from the College after this time-frame has passed, please contact the Exam department.
  1. The Alberta College of Paramedics Provincial Examination is highly confidential. All exam content is the property of the College and unauthorized disclosure is prohibited by law.
  2. The College has a Zero Tolerance for Abuse policy. Any display of profanity, aggressive behaviour or excessive argumentation of instructions, policy or results will not be tolerated and can result in forfeiture of exam, exam results and exam fees paid. All candidates will be held responsible for professional conduct at all times.
  3. Candidates suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol or to be in possession of any type of weapon, will forfeit the exam in its entirety, including exam fees paid.
  4. Communication devices of any type are not permitted at any time during the exam. This includes cellular phones, computers or any device that is capable of transmitting or receiving.
  5. Candidates will not be permitted to keep any personal belongings on their person during any portion of the exam. This will include coats and purses. All personal belongings should be left in the candidate’s vehicle or otherwise whenever possible.
  6. Wrists must be free from all devices including, but not limited to watches, bracelets, Fitbits, etc. (Effective February 9, 2015)
  7. Candidates that take the Provincial Registration Examination are eligible to appeal their results only up to 30 days after receiving their exam scores in the mail.
  8. Alberta College of Paramedics staff and/or representatives reserve the right to audio/video record any portion(s) of the examination for quality assurance purposes.
  9. Candidates may be observed at all times during the exam. Exam invigilators are required to report any conduct or irregular behaviour that may violate the exam rules and regulations.
  10. Candidates experiencing any problems during any part of the exam process must bring the matter forward immediately, not following exam results.
  11. Candidates suspected of cheating and/or breaching security in any manner during any portion of the exam will immediately forfeit the exam. Registered practitioners may be referred to the Professional Conduct Committee.
  12. Candidates found guilty of improper conduct or violation of any regulation may be subject to one or more penalties as follows:
    • be issued a failed examination attempt
    • disqualification as an exam candidate
    • forfeiture of all fees paid
    • suspended or disqualified from receiving exam grades and/or applying for retests for a period not to exceed one year
    • suspended or disqualified indefinitely
    • any other penalty as determined by the College to be appropriate.
  13. In order to provide all candidates an examination free from distraction, the following dress code will be enforced: tank tops, shorts, low-cut tops and short skirts are not permitted. Do not wear school or service uniforms, patches, pins, etc. No outerwear, including hoodies, jackets or hats will be allowed in the testing areas.
  14. Candidates are expected to be fluent in the English language. Both components (written and practical) of the Provincial Registration Examination are administered in English only.
  15. By writing this exam, you hereby consent to and give the Alberta College of Paramedics ongoing approval to release your exam results, in a statistical format, to your school. (Effective February 9, 2015)
  16. Candidates will participate in the examination at their own risk and must be medically and physically capable of performing all skills.

The exam is a professional examination and as such, please dress accordingly. You will be required to remove outerwear (including hoodies and scarves), so please dress appropriately.

Additionally, no accessories will be permitted in the exam, including:

  • Watches or anything on your wrists, including bracelets and hair elastics
  • Hats or headbands

We ask that you be respectful by not wearing anything that could cause a distraction, including school or service uniforms, low cut tops, short skirts/shorts, etc.

Based on the Provincial Registration Examination Attempts Policy, you have a maximum of three attempts to pass the Provincial Registration Exam (both components) within one year of your approved program successful completion date. Both the exam and your application for registration must be successfully completed within this time frame. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be required to take a refresher program.

If you require special accommodations to write your examination, you must submit the Provincial Examination Special Accommodation Form with a detailed letter, report or assessment from an appropriately certified clinician, physician and/or certified professional OR in lieu of the detailed letter include the Documentation of Special Accommodations Form. Submit all required forms along with all necessary documentation and $250 fee, to the College a minimum of four (4) weeks prior to any exam date.


No, you must provide proof of completion of your education program with your exam application to reserve a spot.

No, the College does not publish an exam study guide.

We recommend that exam candidates familiarize themselves with the National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP). The NOCP defines the scope of practice for practitioners in Alberta. It is a complete description of the knowledge, skills, attitudes and judgments expected of practitioners ranging from entry to practice to mastery.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your exam, please contact the College Exams department.

All exam cancellations or transfers after the application deadline date are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. If you are scheduled, but do not attend the exam without informing the College prior to the exam, you will forfeit all fees paid. If extenuating circumstances arise (e.g. medical issues, accident, etc.), please contact the College.

No, you must pass the exam within one year of your graduation. After that, you must enroll in a refresher program before you can attempt the exam again.

When you’ve completed your refresher program, you will have one year from that completion date and the one remaining attempt to pass the exam. If you fail this third attempt, you may be required to repeat your full program of study before you can attempt the exam again.

Yes, failing either the written or practical component or both during the same examination session constitutes a failed attempt at the exam as a whole. Contact the Exams department for more information.