Exam FAQs

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Can I reserve a spot for the exam before I graduate?
No, you must provide proof of completion of your education program with your exam application to reserve a spot.

Does the College have an exam study guide?
No, the College does not publish an exam study guide.

We recommend that exam candidates familiarize themselves with the National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP). The NOCP defines the scope of practice for practitioners in Alberta. It is a complete description of the knowledge, skills, attitudes and judgments expected of practitioners ranging from entry to practice to mastery.

What if I can’t make my scheduled exam and need to reschedule?
If you need to cancel or reschedule your exam, please contact the College Exams department.

All exam cancellations or transfers after the application deadline date are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. If you are scheduled, but do not attend the exam without informing the College prior to the exam, you will forfeit all fees paid. If extenuating circumstances arise (e.g. medical issues, accident, etc.), please contact the College.

Can my third attempt be in the second year after graduation?
No, you must pass the exam within one year of your graduation. After that, you must enroll in a refresher program before you can attempt the exam again.

When you’ve completed your refresher program, you will have one year from that completion date and the one remaining attempt to pass the exam. If you fail this third attempt, you may be required to repeat your full program of study before you can attempt the exam again.

If I only fail the written component, does that count as a fail?
Yes, failing either the written or practical component or both during the same examination session constitutes a failed attempt at the exam as a whole. You must successfully pass both components in the same attempt to be successful.