Exam Results

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Official exam marks will be available in the member portal under the Exam tab within four weeks of the exam date.

Some applications (Exam Retest) will not be available until the final marks are uploaded.

For candidates who were successful on a previous written exam and are awaiting practical retest results—the exam marks will be available in the member portal under the Exam tab within two weeks of the exam date.

The College is unable to provide candidates with their exam marks over the phone or via email. Please refer to the member portal or the official letter mailed out from the College.

Congratulations! If you currently hold a provisional registration, your registration will change to the general register and you will be notified of the change.

If you do not hold a provisional registration and have passed both components of the examination, you are now eligible to apply for new EMR Registration/or to change your designation.

The Provincial Registration Examination Attempts Policy establishes the number of times candidates are eligible to attempt an examination before being required to retake their program of study. Ensure you understand the policy and determine how it impacts you before retaking the exam.

Note: The Exam Retest application will not be available on your profile until the final result has been uploaded to your profile.

If you would like to apply for a retest of either portion of the exam, you must reapply through the members’ portal. You are not required to submit another transcript or certificate as the College has it on file from your previous application.

If you have a question about the Provincial Registration Examination send us an email.

All candidates who sit for the Provincial Registration Examination are eligible to appeal their results only up to 30 days after receiving their exam scores in the mail. The cost for an appeal is $150 for the written portion and $500 for the practical portion.

If you wish to appeal your examination results, please complete the Exam Appeal Process Form.

For more information please email the College’s exam administration.