2017 Annual Members’ Meeting

2017 Annual Members’ Meeting

PowerPoint Presentations

Morning PPT
Afternoon PPT

College follows up on all outstanding Annual Members’ Meeting Questions – November 2017 Pulse

On October 11, 2017, the College held the first Annual Members’ Meeting. The meeting was not an AGM wherein members would vote or bring resolutions to Council; but rather it was an opportunity for members to hear information on College activities, finances and future direction.

The meeting was live broadcast through Facebook, and all members had the opportunity to use an online, interactive platform called Pigeonhole to anonymously submit questions for Council and the College.

There were a total of 235 participants throughout the day and 236 questions/comments were submitted. Some questions were addressed live, but for those that were not, the College is issuing these follow up pieces in response.

Morning session Q&A document

Afternoon & Informal sessions Q&A document

We have also posted the PowerPoint slides from both the morning session and afternoon session for you to review, as we understand there were some at the back of the room who were not able to see some of the charts and graphs.

The video for the day can be viewed online via the College .

The afternoon sessions document will be added to the website in the next few days; and we will post it when available on Facebook and Twitter. We will also link to it in the December Pulse.


Winner of Door Prize at Annual Members’ Meeting – October 2017 Pulse

When it came time to close out the Annual Members’ Meeting, we encountered a situation that flummoxed even our seasoned event planners. It seems the envelope containing the door prize winner notification went temporarily missing.

While the envelope was found and the recipient received the door prize, it was not before the identification of a second process to determine a winner.

We regret the confusion and thought the only way to resolve the issue was to issue a second door prize by a randomized number draw.

The names of all attendees were given a number and our envelope winner chose the winning number of 44; which was Greg Harvey.

Congratulations to both members on having the cost of their 2017/2018 memberships covered for them.

Results from the Annual Members’ Meeting Poll – October 2017 Pulse

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Annual Members’ Meeting Pigeonhole activities. We’re working on putting together the questions and answers; but in the meantime, here are the top 10 time-themed songs from the first poll of the day.

  1. Time Warp; Rocky Horror Picture Show
  2. Time of your Life; Green Day
  3. Back in Time; Pitbull
  4. Power of Love; Back to the Future
  5. 3 am; Matchbox 20
  6. I Bet My Life; Imagine Dragons
  7. Too Much Time on My Hands; Styx
  8. Time; Pink Floyd
  9. Time Warp
  10. Beside you in Time; Nine Inch Nails
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