As a precaution, the College is warning all members that someone is deliberately creating spoof email accounts to masquerade as College staff and officials.

The spoof emails say the name of someone from the College in the name field, but do not end with in the address field. Please note that all official College communications will come from an email address.

As some platforms, Gmail for example, hide the details of the sender, it is important that you double check if you have any concerns.

While this impersonation is alarming and certainly unprofessional, more importantly it could potentially be dangerous to you. To date no one has reported being asked for personal information, but it is imperative to make sure you can verify the sender if they are asking for your personal information.

Unfortunately scammers like this are not uncommon, however it is a first for our College. This notice is purely proactive, as we want to make sure that you are aware and take precautions before releasing any personal details.

If you have received an email and are not sure if it is from the College, please feel free to contact us to verify it before you reply. We would rather you be safe than sorry.