1. 120 Continuing Competence credits are required to be fulfilled every two-year cycle.
  2. Credits are time based in which one hour spent = five credits, with a maximum of 30 credits per activity.
  3. All registered practitioners, regardless of patient-contact status or practice setting, are required to participate in the program in order to maintain registration.
  4. Practitioners are free to choose the professional development activities that best meet their practice needs as long as the activity is done through a legitimate source. The Continuing Competence Department may use discretion in the assignment of credits to these activities.
  5. Employer based training (Workplace Training) must be recognized by the College. Only the Employer/ Training Officer can submit an application for recognition. See: Workplace Training and Organization Recognition
  6. Professional development activities must be completed within the cycle they are claimed in.
  7. The same activity cannot be submitted more than once per cycle.
  8. Continuing Competence credits DO NOT roll over in the following Continuing Competence cycle.
  9. Practitioners that are on Leave of Absence will be required to complete compulsary activities but will have their credit requirements adjusted. See: Practitioners Leave of Absence