The Alberta College of Paramedics has achieved self-regulatory status under the Health Professions Act (HPA) and the Paramedics Profession Regulation (PPR). This transition brings paramedicine under the same legislation as 29 other health professions in Alberta.

In addition to the HPA legislation and PPR, the College is governed through its bylaws and supports practitioner and public expectations of professionalism with a newly instated Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

The Health Professions Act, Part 1, 3(1), states that the role of a College is to:

(a) carry out its activities and govern its regulated members in a manner that protects and serves the public interest,
(b) provide direction to, and regulate the practice of the regulated profession by its regulated members,
(c) establish, maintain and enforce standards for registration and continuing competence and standards of practice of the regulated
      profession, establish, maintain and enforce a code of ethics and
(d) carry on the activities of the college and perform other duties and functions by the exercise of the powers conferred by this act.

Paramedics Profession Regulation

Increased Responsibility

A practitioner’s practice will be established under their own practice permit and clinical support will be ensured through an established quality assurance system. Practitioners, therefore, will be required to carry their own professional liability insurance.

Quality Assurance

All restricted activities will occur within quality assurance systems appropriate to practice settings as established by the employer and defined within the Standards of Practice. The quality assurance and quality improvement systems ensure that:

• Restrict activities are pertinent to practice setting.
• Restricted activities are being performed in a safe, ethical and competent manner.
• Care is consistent and the public is protected.
• The quality assurance system provides clinical support consultation and review of practice to ensure safe and competent care on a continuous basis.