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President’s Message: Commitment to Change

Throughout the last year I have talked a lot about change. It was even the theme of our first Annual Members’ Meeting in October last year.

I am excited to be able to share with you some of the outcomes of the commitment and work we have been doing to change things for you.

Executive Director Hired

One of the most significant changes lately is that Council determined the need to split the role of Executive Director and Registrar to lead our College activities. I am very pleased to say that we have now hired our Executive Director. A formal announcement will follow, and she will be in attendance at this year’s Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM) on May 30. We will soon begin the recruitment process to hire for the role of Registrar.

Member Cards

Last year we heard clearly through the Members’ survey that you need and miss the registration cards that helped you identify yourselves as practitioners. I am also very pleased to announce that our administration team has been able to find and implement an easy way for you to print out a wallet card with your registration details. More information about this change will be shared later this month at the AMM.


For the members who have approached me on this topic, I know you have expressed a desire to know more about your results. This year the College began sharing more information with EMR students about their results; and in the fall with the PCP exam redesign, the College will begin to share more information with PCP students. Our commitment to helping practitioners understand this process is solid and will also be a focus of our regulatory update at this year’s AMM.

As you can see, we made a commitment to change and we’re delivering on that commitment with each of these steps. And we’re still working on more positive changes that will mean great things for our profession.

If you weren’t considering joining us for this year’s meeting and gala event, I strongly encourage you to do so. It will be a community effort presented by Council, staff, members and volunteers to our community. We will be sharing updates on College activities that affect us all and answering your questions throughout the day.

I look forward to seeing you on May 30.

In Service,

Pete Helfrich, President
Alberta College of Paramedics

Distributed via the Pulse: May 15, 2018