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We have now gone through and addressed the questions we weren’t able to answer at last month’s Annual Members’ Meeting. As we worked through the questions, there were three topics that were most common among the questions:

  • New Building for College offices
  • Bylaw Changes
  • College and Association

In this message, I want to address some of these questions (although all are still individually addressed in the full follow up document).

New Building for College offices

At the members’ meeting, we shared that Council had decided to halt the building of the new facility for the College offices.

  1. Why was the building cancelled? And why does ACP repeatedly Cancel contracts and pay out penalities.
  2. Since the building has been Cancelled were there cancellation fees associated with that? And what will become of the finds earmarked for building funds.
  3. Vis-a-Vis with regards to selling the land. While at this time breaking ground on a new facility. Why do we not deferr breaking ground and hold the asset for the interm.

The decision to stop the building project was based on many factors some of which included:

  • There is a different understanding of the College business now that we are under the HPA
  • Changes in understanding of the costs to build and maintain the building as it was planned happened making it not a viable option

The environment the College found itself in in the summer of 2017 was very different than that of 2014/2015 when the decision to move forward with the building was originally discussed. We have lost some of the fees paid on work to date, but we were able to stop the work before there were significant penalties. Any funds that were earmarked for the new facility are still being considered by Council.

With respect to holding the property, there are certain laws when it comes to how much a not-for-profit can legally hold with regards to investment property. We are looking into the legalities before we do anything further.

Bylaws under the HPA

There were several questions about the changes to the Bylaws. The following three capture the main sentiment that was expressed:

  1. Why were the changes deliberately made to the bylaws to prevent members for direct decision making.
  2. How about you give us the ability to properly have AGM’s again instead of the way the new bylaws deliberately were re-written to freeze out members from bringing forth concerns directly to the floor.
  3. When we were proclaimed HPA why were the bylaws deliberately rewritten to prevent members from directly voting and making decisions for our own profession.

The College developed the Bylaws in keeping with the powers and authorities that are granted to an elected College Council. The Bylaws also reflect what many other Colleges have specified in their Bylaws. As a rule, the Health Professions Act puts the authority for the governance of the profession in the elected Council. This is why it is so important to know who you’re electing to Council and to exercise your right by voting.

The HPA grants the powers and authority of governing the profession to the elected Council members. Even for other regulatory colleges that hold traditional Annual General Meetings, any resolution passed is only for consideration of the Council. The full authority for the direction of the profession is held by your elected Council.

The Bylaws were written (and required) to reflect this reality. It is important that you know who you elect to Council and that you express your concerns to your elected Council members through


In Service,

Pete Helfrich, President
Alberta College of Paramedics

Distributed via the Pulse: November 15, 2017